About the right guy

We all go through frightening experiences in life. After many years in which I was an avid political activist, I took part in protests, exposed those who I believed were responsible for how bad things go in this world, I met my true challenge and my true fight: cancer. Though it took me a long time to win this battle, I completely changed my viewpoint on life during those dreadful years. When I finally got healthy again, I realized it wasn’t protesting and politics that will change the world, but my own personal example. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, Gandhi said and I think that is precisely what I’m doing. I traveled a lot and I acquired some knowledge about the world, now I think I have some things to share with the world. As I am currently working as a fishing guide in Alaska, I’ll try, on this blog sharing my travel stories, a couple of things about fishing and how to treat nature and other living beings with respect. I hope some of my readers will retain something and make a change in their life.