Best ways of coping with stress

Everyone feels stress in their life at one time or another, and for some it can be a daily problem. Stress not only affects your mood, it can also be detrimental to your health. After dealing with my own high levels of stress for years, I finally decided that there had to be a way to help me cope and manage it. After talking to my physician, along with friends and family I finally found some effective ways of coping with stress. Maybe some of these methods will also help you finally lower your high stress level so you can relax.



Take a “timeout”


I’ve learned that one of the best ways to cope with stress is to take some time for myself. I like to find a quiet place where I can listen to music, while a friend of mine prefers to practice yoga when she needs to unwind. Meditating and even treating yourself to a massage are also great methods for relieving stress.



Watch what you eat


When you start skipping meals you are putting extra stress on your body, and this is never good for your health. Making sure that you are eating healthy, well balanced meals can really help you cope with stress. You might even want to keep some healthy snacks on hand to help give you a little burst of energy during the day, this can help prevent you from feeling tired and overwhelmed.


You also want to limit the amount of caffeine that you consume during the day, along with the number of alcoholic beverages. Both of these can actually make you feel more stressed, and in some cases even trigger a panic attack.





One of the best ways of coping with stress is to get plenty of sleep at night. Not only will this help prevent stress the following day, your body needs extra rest when you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Often the problems that were causing the stress don’t look so bad after you’ve had a good night’s sleep. You will also have the energy you need to handle the day’s problems without depending on a lot of caffeine.


Some other useful tips are here, here and here.


Becoming a fishing guide

As I’ve written in other posts, I used to be a political activist. I took part in many protests and thought that I could change the world. In the end, both the world changed and myself, because when I was diagnosed with cancer, I started having a different standpoint with regard to what I had believed in up to that point. Sometimes, it matters more to be happy and have a simple life than try to shift people’s viewpoints without any success.


th1I always enjoyed fishing and used to go out on expeditions with my friends. I’ve been fishing in Alaska for over a decade and I thought I’d become a fishing guide so that I’m able to combine my passion and manage to make a living out of it, as well. This post is intended for individuals who’d like to do the same, and I’m going to try to detail as much as I can so that this info helps you. The first thing that you will need in order to make it as a fishing guide is maturity. You have to be perfectly capable of handling yourself in spite of how tricky the situation you might be in could be. Clients can be nice or rude, as in any other industry. If you were to work at a supermarket, you’d meet the same type of customers as I normally do when I’m out on fishing trips. Some people are able to leave their frustrations at home, but others aren’t, and that will take a toll on you if you can’t handle it.


th2Another quality you will need is dependability. There won’t be any day where you won’t have to prepare something for a trip or at least clean the boat or put some gas in the engine. You should never have a problem with doing this, because if you do, you’re not the man for the job. In a nutshell, you have to love fishing so much that you’re not bothered by all the other activities with the help of which you will be able to reach the fishing spot and spend some quality time on the boat. You don’t have to be a people pleaser, and it might be that many men become fishing guides mainly because they hate small talk. However, you have to be able to pitch in without being told and you need to be reliable enough to offer somebody some help when he or she needs it.


Finally, the most important quality in this game is your expertise when it comes to fishing. I’m not going to go into the geographic technicalities and tell you how important it is for you to know the area you’ll do your job in. However, even if you’ve been a fisherman for many years, you might not know anything about a certain species. If your entire life you’ve been fishing for largemouth bass and now you want to become a salmon guide in Alaska, it might pay off to do a bit of research to learn about the angling techniques as well as the biology of the fish you’ll be targeting.

My New Mission in Life

I want to welcome everyone to my blog. A little bit about me first. I used to be a political activist and there was no protest where I was not involved. I believed in government conspiracy theories and I was constantly trying to expose them. I was reading a lot of stuff related to these theories and I believed I could do something to change the world and save it from its leaders. This is not, however, how I discovered what is most important in life.


Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. My whole life turned upside down. I no longer cared about conspiracy theories and who needed me to protest who knew where. I wanted nothing but to get better, and after several surgical interventions and chemotherapy, I beat it. I beat cancer and I was finally free to breathe and dream again.


But I no longer wanted to go back to my usual way of living. I lost all interest in political activism and I decided to focus more on living and less on complaining about the things I hated. I discovered that life could be lived differently, and while having cancer was a frightening experience, its fight with it taught me a valuable lesson.

world traveler

I started traveling all over the world, and now I have quite a few stories to tell stashed in my brain. I have been to so many beautiful places, and I have discovered so many things that I want to share them all with the world. I am currently working as a fishing guide in Alaska, and I must tell you that it is a dream job for me. Besides the fact that I get to spend a lot of times outdoors when I am working (how many white collar workers can say that?), I get in touch with people and I am capable of educating them about the beauty of nature and how to preserve it.

fishing guide

This blog will be about the places I’ve been to, about fishing, and about how to love nature. I hope you will become as passionate as me about these things and that you will find something useful in my small recounts about the places I’ve seen. I will continue to publish blog posts on this website and stay in touch with everyone who shares the same interests as me. I hope you will become one of my readers.


Until next time, stay in good health!