How to prepare a fishing trip to Alaska

The usual fishing trip to a nearby lake, or even on the shores of the ocean has nothing in common with preparing to go fishing in Alaska – unless you live there, in which case you are probably aware of the risks. Some may be wondering why take a trip to Alaska to fish?

Here you can simply enjoy the nature and your life

Here you can simply enjoy nature and your life

Alaska’s climate conditions make it an amazing ecosystem with an unparalleled biodiversity. As such, it is a great spot to observe wildlife, admire gorgeous landscapes and fish for rare species of fish, such as the Arctic Grayling that is one of the most sought after species among fishermen. If you’re brave enough, you can go fish in the wilderness, in places barely touched by any humans. It is understandable why an amateur fisherman would dream of such a trip. However, as previously mentioned, a trip to Alaska, even for fishing purposes, is not like any other and you need to plan it carefully.

alaska2First things first, before you go to Alaska, check for meteorological conditions in the chosen period. Unfavorable weather will ruin your trip and can even put you and your friends in danger. If you’re going there to catch a particular species of fish, it is recommended you ask what the optimal period for fishing that species is before arriving there and be disappointed.

Contact a fishing trip facility that you can find in great numbers in the area. Alaska is no small piece of land and, though many facilities offer fishing gear, lodging and even local guides to accompany you in unknown territory, you must be assured before you get there that the spot you picked is able to provide you with all these and even more. In addition, if you have a certain remote area you would like to visit, check what transportation means are available. Some regions are only reachable by plane, which will add to the overall costs of the trip.

Maybe you consider a guide to be an unnecessary addition to your trip and you hope you can spare some money by going there by yourself. However, you shouldn’t rely on your survival skills in Alaska, so taking a guide with you is of the utmost importance.

Don’t forget that a fishing trip to Alaska will require more than basic fishing equipment. Generally, you need heavy-duty rods and bait to be able to catch fish on Alaskan waters, as big species of fish are common. Having two or three different rods, to be used for various species and fishing settings is the best way to ensure that you also catch something. It goes the same for the rest of your gear, the more diversified the better.


Don’t forget to pack warm clothes, and waterproof equipment. As mentioned, some fishing accommodation centers provide specialized clothing and gear for fishing, but, just to be sure, you can bring at least the basic waterproof equipment. Don’t forget packing sunscreen as well, before you leave home – the sun shines brightly in the Alaskan summer and it does so for many hours.

If you’re planning a longer trip, with various areas you would like to visit, make sure you have maps of the areas and GPS technology to help you find your way back in case you get lost.

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