My New Mission in Life

I want to welcome everyone to my blog. A little bit about me first. I used to be a political activist and there was no protest where I was not involved. I believed in government conspiracy theories and I was constantly trying to expose them. I was reading a lot of stuff related to these theories and I believed I could do something to change the world and save it from its leaders. This is not, however, how I discovered what is most important in life.


Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. My whole life turned upside down. I no longer cared about conspiracy theories and who needed me to protest who knew where. I wanted nothing but to get better, and after several surgical interventions and chemotherapy, I beat it. I beat cancer and I was finally free to breathe and dream again.


But I no longer wanted to go back to my usual way of living. I lost all interest in political activism and I decided to focus more on living and less on complaining about the things I hated. I discovered that life could be lived differently, and while having cancer was a frightening experience, its fight with it taught me a valuable lesson.

world traveler

I started traveling all over the world, and now I have quite a few stories to tell stashed in my brain. I have been to so many beautiful places, and I have discovered so many things that I want to share them all with the world. I am currently working as a fishing guide in Alaska, and I must tell you that it is a dream job for me. Besides the fact that I get to spend a lot of times outdoors when I am working (how many white collar workers can say that?), I get in touch with people and I am capable of educating them about the beauty of nature and how to preserve it.

fishing guide

This blog will be about the places I’ve been to, about fishing, and about how to love nature. I hope you will become as passionate as me about these things and that you will find something useful in my small recounts about the places I’ve seen. I will continue to publish blog posts on this website and stay in touch with everyone who shares the same interests as me. I hope you will become one of my readers.


Until next time, stay in good health!

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